Since 2016, BECON has organized events that focus on how new technologies impact governments and enterprises, and change the way we work, live and play.
Starting in 2016 with 3 events attracting 450 delegates, BECON’s global strategy grew its portfolio to 12 events in 2017 (14,700 delegates) and 17 events in 12 countries around the world in 2018 attracting 20,800 delegates.   
BECON Blockchain Events
In addition to conferences highlighting the impact of blockchain technology in vertical applications for, among others, the energy, healthcare, real estate, entertainment, logistics and supply chain industries, BECON is responsible for organizing the annual Blockchain Solutions World, which is the largest event of its kind in the world and saw 16,250 delegates visit Fira de Barcelona in October 2018. The third edition will take place October 29-31, 2019.
Future of Finance
The Future of Finance global events encompass the latest in Technology and Finance, focussing on real-world solutions around funding (including cryptocurrencies and blockchain use cases), payments, asset and wealth management, custodial services and access to credit. Future of Finance events range from industry events, to intimate gatherings of blockchain pioneers, institutional investors, investment banks, token exchanges, as well as regulators and legal professionals to discuss the future of finance, and mostly take place in the financial hubs of New York, London, Singapore and Amsterdam. The first large-scale industry event is scheduled in Barcelona, October 29-31, 2019. 
BECON Academy
In order to facilitate better knowledge sharing and drive faster adoption, BECON organizes bespoke Masterclass sessions for specific professions and organizations as well as the public at large. In addition to more generic Blockchain sessions for CIOs and Innovation Directors, BECON has developed and delivered tailor-made Masterclasses for the Port of Rotterdam, the European Commission and various multinationals in different vertical markets.
BECON Ventures
Thanks to the BECON portfolio of bespoke events on new technologies, we combine a network of innovators and influencers that is unrivalled in its breadth and depth. Our foresight provides the most progressive and practical intelligence to apply blockchain technology, strategy and capital solutions for the tokenized future.